Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just Starting Out

So..after months of reading my sister's stories on her blog I decided to create one myself. Her most recent blog said something about writing "favorites" down so she doesn't forget them. That is so true...things that you thought you would NEVER forget....you do. Life just happens and your little ones grow up so fast. I recently asked my 3 year old if he would quit growing after he turned 4. His response "No Mommy...I have to get bigger so I can watch scary movies!" I always got on my sister about getting life day to day on her video camera....it's amazing how you forget even the little things like the sound of their voices when they are so little but....you do!!

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  1. Hi Jenny!
    It's Jill from Diabetes Sweeties. I got your post to my blog and thought I'd pop in and say hello :) Feel free to email me at mom2knkc@inna.net anytime! As for the moodiness...I'm sure since it's a new diagnosis that it's a combo of both things. Kacey went through that and when her sugars are high she gets a severe case of the "grumpies" and it's worse than living with a teen that has PMS (LOL!) If you ever wanna talk, I'm here for ya! Us D-Mom's have to stick together :) (((HUGS)))